Ottawa 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where is Convention?

Convention will be held February 16-18, 2018 at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa. (55 Colonel By Drive)

What happens at Convention? Why is it important?

According to our party’s constitution, we gather at least once every two years to make important decisions about our party. Some of those decisions include:

  • The content of our constitution, including rules around membership, leadership contests, and the structure of our party.
  • The policy priorities of our party – our Policy Book outlines our positions as a party, and convention is our opportunity to add or change things.
  • The election of party officers, like the President and Vice President of our party.

Convention is also an amazing place to learn about our party, share your ideas, and meet other New Democrats from across the country. And we have a lot of fun, too.

Where can I find a schedule for Convention?

We’re just working on a schedule – and expect to have it by the new year. Stay tuned!

How can I attend Convention?

Become a delegate:

Current NDP members are eligible to be selected as delegates of their local EDA (Electoral District Association), NDP youth organization, or affiliated union.

If you’re not sure how to get involved, no problem! You can email – we’d love to connect you with your local NDP community and help you become a delegate!

A limited number of spots may be available for people who aren’t able to become a delegate through their local NDP community. If you weren’t able to get a delegate spot through your EDA, Youth organization, or union, you can let us know – and we’ll do our best to find you an unused delegate spot. Visit our registration page for more information.


Want to help make convention a success and be a part of the action? Visit our Volunteer page for more information.

What is the deadline to register as a delegate?

Delegate registration closes on February 9. Register here.

How much does it cost to be a delegate?

Delegate type Early-bird cost Regular cost (after January 26, 2017)
Standard Delegate $349 $399
Unwaged Delegate $99 $149
Youth Delegate $99 $149

Don’t miss out on our Early Bird prices – register by January 26.

Are there any subsidies to help me afford Convention?

We want to make Convention as accessible as possible. A subsidy is available to assist with Convention-related travel expenses and delegate fees for members of equity seeking groups, including:

  • Aboriginal people
  • People of colour
  • Women
  • Youth (under 26)
  • Persons with disabilities
  • LGBTTQ* people

Stay tuned – we’ll be adding more subsidy information soon.

We also offer reduced delegate fees for youth and unwaged delegates. Visit our registration page to learn more.

I’m trying to register as a delegate and the form asks for an EasyCode. What’s that?

Members may be selected as delegates of their local EDA (Electoral District Association), NDP youth organization, or affiliated union. After being selected as a delegate, you should be provided with a 9-digit EasyCode so you can register online.

If you were chosen as a delegate, we recommend you contact your EDA, youth organization, or union to request your EasyCode.

Not sure who to contact? Email We’d be happy to connect you with your local NDP community!

Can I register for Convention without an EasyCode?

Yes. If you are unable to get an EasyCode from your local EDA (Electoral District Association), NDP youth organization, or affiliated union, but still want to attend Convention, you can register without an EasyCode and be placed on the waiting list. Federal Office will follow-up with you in January to let you know if we have an extra credential for you. Although receiving a Convention credential is not guaranteed, we do our best to ensure that everyone who wants to attend Convention gets the opportunity to do so. Visit our Registration page to learn more.

Where should I stay during Convention?

We have a list of hotels where we have arranged blocks of rooms for Convention attendees, including special pricing – be sure to mention you’re in Ottawa for the Convention! Visit our Plan your Visit page for more information.

Can I bring my kids? Will there be any childcare available?

Kids are welcome at convention! Childcare is free for all registered delegates – but you need to pre-register by February 1st. Register for childcare here.

Membership in the NDP is open to people over the age of 13, so young people 13-18 can attend Convention as regular delegates. Young people might also want to consider attending the Youth Convention on February 15. It’s a one-day mini-Convention that is free to attend for all NDP Youth members.

I live with a disability and want to attend Convention. What should I expect?

The NDP continues to strive to make Convention as accessible as possible. Check out our Accessibility page to see what services will be offered to everyone at Convention.

For those with specific accessibility needs, please indicate this when you register and fill out the Accessibility Questionnaire. Federal Office will follow-up with individuals to discuss their requirements and work to ensure each member has what they need.

What is a resolution?

A resolution is a proposal that comes to Convention for delegates to debate, amend, and accept or reject as part of our party’s policy. The resolution process starts at the grass-roots level, at your local EDA (Electoral District Association), NDP youth organization, or affiliated union, and makes its way all the way to Convention for a final decision.

Resolutions can be about adding new policy, or changing existing policy. They can ask for specific action from the party, or be a statement of values. They can even be changes to our Constitution – our governing document as a party.

Check out the Guide to Resolutions to learn more about how to write a resolution and our Policy Book to learn about exactly what the NDP believes in.

How do I submit a resolution? What is the deadline for resolution submissions?

Resolutions can only be submitted after being voted on and passed by your local EDA (Electoral District Association), NDP youth organization, or affiliated union. The deadline to submit resolutions is December 18th.

I’d like to reserve a meeting room or a table at convention – can I?

Yes. Stay tuned – we’ll be adding information about meeting rooms and tables shortly.

I’ve already donated the maximum ($1550) to Canada’s NDP in 2018. How do I register?

Convention fees count as an official contribution, which means you will be unable to pay convention fees in 2018 if you have donated the maximum.

When you register, you can select the ‘pay later’ option and just show up at Convention!

How does the NDP determine how many delegates come from each Electoral District Association (EDA), Youth organization, and affiliated union?

The number of delegates for EDAs is calculated based on the number of NDP members who live in the electoral district. The number of delegates for youth and union affiliates is calculated based on their membership numbers.

A detailed breakdown of those calculations can be found in our Constitution.